Top Reasons for Having Third Party Registered Agent in Texas

Hiring registered agent services from a reputed registered agent company in Texas is necessary for your corporation. The best reason is that all the entities planning to form a corporation in Texas must register within the state. To receive and handle legal documents and notices on behalf of your corporation, you need a professional registered agent in Texas.  Texas law requires a registered agent. Yet, most new business owners do not know what exactly a professional “Registered Agent” is and what they do.

Well, a professional Texas registered agent is an individual or an entity chosen by a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) to receive legal documents and notices on behalf of the corporation or limited liability company (LLC). These duties sound somewhat simple which makes small business owners believe that it is a simple task they can easily take care of on their own. This thinking is the primary reason why many new business owners get into trouble early on.

The corporation or limited liability company (LLC) owners and members have several important responsibilities to take care of.  It is easy to lose track of time and important tasks and deadlines might get missed. Corporation or limited liability company (LLC) owners need to be incredibly careful while dealing with time-sensitive legal issues, notices, and documents. Rather than handling everything on your own, appointing a professional third-party registered agent in Texas can easily help corporation or limited liability company (LLC) owners with some essential benefits that you might not have considered.

Lucrative Benefits of Appointing a Professional Third-Party Registered Agent in Texas:

  • Safety:
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When using a third-party registered agent in Texas, there is an additional level of safety placed on your business. Professional registered agents add another level of security by ensuring process servers will not turn up at your office to bother you in your downtime or at times when you are extremely occupied with routine business activities. Instead of accepting the legal documents and notices at your office, a third-party registered agent in Texas will accept all the legal documents thereby enabling the business owners to concentrate on their work.

  • Peace of Mind:
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If a corporation or LLC misses a government filing deadline in Texas, their company’s corporate status in the state could be jeopardized.  This can subject your license to operate in Texas to forfeiture and subject you to financial penalties to re-establish your company. Also, if the time-sensitive legal documents stay unopened under a huge pile of letters you have,  then financial, civil, and legal consequences might be taken against your business eventually. A third-party registered agent in Texas can receive and systematize all such documents easily and deliver you everything you require beforehand to keep your corporation or LLC compliant and growing.

  • Complete Privacy:
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Since it is a professional registered agent’s responsibility to deliver the lawsuit to the company, the agent’s name, and address are provided on the public documents, making your confidential information less easily available to everyone. Through hiring third-party registered agent services in Texas, the information given to the public has none of your confidential information shared. This enables corporation or LLC owners to maintain their privacy while ensuring compliance with the state’s specifications.

Through hiring third-party registered agent services in Texas, corporations or LLC owners can maintain their privacy while enabling their businesses to continue to thrive.

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