Registered Address for Service of Process

If your company needs a registered address for service of process, then we can help.

Texas Registered Address for Service of Process

If your company needs a registered address to hold official documents which are required to be made available to the public during regular business hours, we can help with that too.

As your registered agent, we also offer additional services.  One of those services is to hold documents (any documents you want) and make them available for inspection (usually by government employees for various state agencies) during regular business hours.

Who Needs Texas Registered Address Service?

Any company that, in order to comply with Texas law, needs to have some of their files available for inspection.  For example, locksmith companies might need their employee information and photographs available for auditing purposes and compliance checking by a state agency under which they are regulated.  A private security company which is licensed and regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety would  likely need to have certain of its employee records available for inspection.  The company may not have a physical presence in Texas, other than its employees who may work out of the house.  Alternatively, the company might have a physical presence but not want to have government agents appearing at their office since that might create the impression that something is wrong, even if it’s just a routine (or surprise) inspection or audit.

How do I sign up for the Registered Address Service?

In order to sign up for our service, you have to sign up for our registered agent service.  Once you are signed up for that, you will have the option, in the member’s area, to also sign up for the registered address service.  The fee for this service is $100 per year or only $10 per month.

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